1.102 What Is $100 Worth?

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What is $100 really worth? If you had $100 from 1981 or 1950 to invest, would you invest in the inflation rate, gold, real estate, or the stock market? What is each worth today? How do compound interest and exponential growth serve to create enormous wealth and what are the some of the pitfalls that prevent investors from benefitting from the “eighth wonder of the world?” Are you ready for the volatility and risk that comes from investing? In this class you will learn one of the most crucial pillars of wealth building, without which you really have little to no chance to build generational wealth.

Course Content:
1. Lattenomics I (Introduction) (8:52)
2. $100 From 1981 (9:20)
3. $100 From 1950 (12:27)
4. Exponential Thinking (14:21)
5. Value of Time (7:30)
6. Volatility (6:36)
7. Lattenomics II (Conclusion) (15:12)

(7 lessons; total length 75 minutes)


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