Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses common questions you might have. If you would like to follow up or ask a question of Demystifying Wealth, please use this form.

Is this content useful for someone who is not an American? Will you be making a global edition?

Yes, but not completely. Whereas the sister site, Demystifying Silicon Valley, was always intended to be global and has members in almost 30 countries, financial literacy concerns are heavily tax and retirement policy driven, which is always a product of each country’s retirement system and tax code. The psychology of money, compound interest, the importance of automating investing, and dozens of other topics are universal. Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, and other products of the U.S. tax code are not. Omitting those concepts would make the content fatally useless for the primarily American audience. In the future, I hope to circle back and make a more international edition. Most of the rest of the Essentials Sequences will be universal.

Are you sponsored by a financial services company? Are you selling financial products?

Absolutely not and, again, absolutely not. Many so-called personal finance or wealth instruction sites seek to sell you on expensive and exploitive products, from multi-thousand dollar workshops on real estate flipping or multi-level marketing schemes to whole life insurance products, which are scams. Demystifying Wealth is part of a broader project to teach people how to build financial, personal, and creative wealth for themselves using best practices. Learn more about the project on the About page. The programs are entirely financed by donations, as described here, and enrollment fees paid by course participants. All recommendations are made because of the conviction and belief of Demystifying Wealth and are not in exchange for any compensation.

May I use your courses in my classroom to teach?

Yes. Please contact us at to arrange for a group license. We strongly encourage group participation, whether in an educational setting or otherwise. The site supports large groups, including tools for seeing progress of individual participants, reviewing and grading quizzes and essays, and creation of private discussion forums for group members. At initial launch, we do not yet have the full array of supplementary written materials and quizzes we will have over time, but will work with groups to help develop these materials.

I cannot afford to enroll in the classes. Do you have discounts available?

Yes. I believe in making the educational resources of Demystifying Wealth available widely. We offer reduced pricing to a number of categories as described on the Reduced Pricing page. There are also a limited number of scholarships available for participants who still cannot afford to enroll, even with these discounts. I will never forget the feelings of humiliation of exclusion during times in my life when I could not afford the opportunities taken for granted by those around me. I do not want you to feel that either. You can take the kid out of poverty, but never the memory of poverty out of the kid. 

Will you review my finances and give me personalized advice?

Demystifying Wealth does not provide individualized financial advice. If you enroll in one of the Essentials sequences, you may pose questions in The Atrium, the site’s discussion forum, for group discussion and analysis. If you do not wish to share your name, you may post anonymously by submitting the question here. We are considering adding a feature where we analyze deeply the financial situations of individuals (or families) as part of the educational content, meaning your situation would be analyzed, but would be videotaped and shared generally so that participants could learn the underlying principles of wealth creation from your situation. If you are interested in participating in that potential initiative, reach out to me at

Will you partner with my company? May I appear as a guest in one of your expert webinars?

We are careful about aligning with others organizations unless there is a compelling fit in values and mission. Before reaching out with proposals, please read the introductory blog and watch the lesson on the core values of Demystifying Wealth. To appear as a guest or teach guest subjects, it is crucial that your approach aligns with ours and that you have the expertise and presence to offer compelling insights.

Can my company offer your program to our employees?

Absolutely, yes. We will be creating additional content for Demystifying Wealth to be part of employee assistance programs over time, but will definitely work with employers now to offer the program. Please contact us at for group pricing.

Is there a Demystifying Wealth app?

Soon. Once the site fully launches in November 2023, it will take about two months to complete the development of the app for both iOS and Android, so early 2024.

Do you accept guest blog posts?

We would consider it on a case by case basis. The critical issue is that the post must align in values and philosophy. There is a lot of room for reasonable disagreement and divergence of opinion (and even second opinions on advice given is welcome), but certain core principles must always be present. Please read the introductory blog and watch the lesson on the core values of Demystifying Wealth.

Donate to Help Teach Others

All donations are tax deductible and go to need-based scholarships and programs for or at-risk individuals and groups through the Demystifying Project, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, Tax ID 92-3039676.