1.101 Why Are We Bad at Money?

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Why are we so bad at money? Our brains conspire in many ways against our best financial interests and we are manipulated daily by multiple trillion-dollar industries because of our weaknesses, fears, vanity, shame, pride, and need for immediate gratification, which leads to a debilitating addiction to debt. Money is deeply emotional for almost all of us and nearly everyone ends up facing difficult situations about money at some point, which we often hide or deny out of embarrassment. We spend tens of thousands of hours working for our money, but spend almost no time learning how to manage it, invest it, use it, and protect it. This course provides 15 reasons why we are bad at money, along with 15 strategies we can use to help ourselves. We are each responsible for our own financial futures and this course gives us crucial tools to take control of our destinies.

Course Content:
1. Introduction (7:17)
2. Emotions and Money (7:09)
3. Money and Status (8:48)
4. Immediacy, Denial, and Conflict (6:10)
5. Dependency and Abuse (5:41)
6. Addictions and Math (11:10)
7. Loss, Communities, and Scarcity (8:56)
8. Victimhood and Learning to Thrive (6:19)
9. Strategies I (12:12)
10. Strategies II (13:08)

(10 lessons; total length 87 minutes)


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